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Homemade pineapple rolls (pineapple tarts)


Both the jam and pastry have to be done properly. They must compliment each other.
And, having the correct proportion of jam and pastry is of utmost important.

Source: Homemade pineapple rolls (pineapple tarts) | Food-4Tots | Recipes for Toddlers – Part 3

Pineapple Rolls Pineapple Rolls

My version of the pineapple rolls, I like the texture and was very happy with the results. I bought ready made pineapple jam and was too sweet to my taste. I reduced the amount of the jam and it complimented very well with the pastry.

Peppermint Patty Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches

Peppermint Patty Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches

Source: Cookies and Cups Peppermint Patty Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches

Corn and Prawn Fritters

Corn and prawn fritters has always been a great favourite since young. It is now a homemade snack and I can eat as many as I want to.

Spring onion
Red chilli (optional)
Baking powder
Salt and pepper

Sift flour and baking powder and add salt and pepper. Stir in water to obtain a thick batter.

Add prawns, shallots, corn and spring onions and chilli to the batter. Mix well.

Fry the fritters until both sides are browned.

Options for fritters: seafood or vegetables.

Chinese New Year Rice Cake

Egg Mayo and Ham Sandwich

Big yum!  I used organic eggs and they are simply delicious.


Dorayaki (Japanese Red Bean Paste Pancakes)

Doraemon’s favourite pancake and mine too.

Recipe from Cooking with Dog

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